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Retrieval policy

The customer satisfaction comes first, as our customers may sometimes have complaints, suggestions or negative opinions about the offers that we have or some of our partners who offer their products and services with us. We work hard to select the best partners with the highest standards of quality, to ensure the delivery of unforgettable offers and memories. We make sure that the details of the contracts are as clear and detailed as possible before they are signed and approved on site. As a member of our website, you must choose the one that suits you best and meets your needs and times of work. But if you decide after a while that you do not need to use these offers, you can give them to a member of your family or friends. We appreciate your participation with us, but we are not responsible for the quality of service provided by our “Advertise” partners. The advertiser is directly responsible for the quality of its services and products. However, on our part, we will mediate in certain cases to reach a solution. Satisfies all parties concerned in the event of any complaints or objections. If you have any questions or comments about our partner, please contact us. If you do not have a satisfactory solution, you will be considered to be reimbursed as points that can be used in the future. The site “Inline.com” has the right to retrieve the amount via points on the site.

In the event of any dispute or claim related to or related to the Site, it shall be dealt with in accordance with the law of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


3Alina.com is affiliated with the companies offered on the site to advertise their services. The contract with companies stipulates that they act as intermediaries between them and the subscriber. Where companies offer their services and provide them with the highest quality standards. In addition, Alen.com does not guarantee the quality of service provided. However, you must make sure that the offers are submitted before they are made and that they are used correctly.

Site Security

This site is secured and protected by SSL as well as the site security mechanism. All financial transactions on the Site are protected against information theft. If you have any doubts about the security of the website financial transactions, please contact us at the email below.

Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website

3Alina.com offers special offers throughout the year. By using this site, you agree to the terms and conditions set out below.

Site users must be above the legal age of 18 years and have the legal right to use the site and agree to terms and conditions to use.

Conditions for subscribers:-

1.Agree to use the site for personal use only and not for commercial use. Compliance with the terms and conditions of the site management in any manner or use of the site in a way that affects the use of other users of the site.
2.The use of the site is prohibited for any illegal purposes or any method that may conflict with the terms and conditions of the site.
3.It is strictly forbidden to copy any offers on the site.

Site Terms:-

1.Preserve the privacy and confidentiality of subscriber information and details of their entry and all their confidential information.
2.We hold full responsibility for any results related to the use of participation in the site inappropriately, including the use of participation by other persons or persons under the age of legal or illegal use.
3.Initiate the notice of Alenik.com team if any illegal or legal use of the site or your participation with us is detected. Each user name and password must be used by only one person.

-Adjustments: 3Alina.com has the right to modify the terms of this contract from time to time. These modifications will be placed on the site and will be automatically activated. The account will automatically be considered as having been approved by the new terms and conditions when using the site or using any of the information on the website after any changes to these terms.

Privacy Terms: Alin.com ensures that personal data is maintained and maintained by subscribers to be registered upon subscription. Which will be confirmed only if the number of subscribers has been sufficient in the time allotted to them. Alin.com collects partner information for use in future promotions and marketing campaigns. Alen.com will not give any personal information or data to any other parties or companies. If personal or incomplete information is provided or incorrect, the user will not be registered and the subscriber will not be able to register and subscribe to any of these offers. Users are responsible for the accuracy of their data and will communicate with the subscribers through this information. Users are entitled to edit any personal information that was given to Alin.com.

– Email Terms: It is automatically assumed that when registering and subscribing to our website, the subscriber agrees to receive e-mails to register and confirm the registration, as well as to receive promotional offers and marketing offers through our information bulletin.

– Payments and costs: The participating companies will not charge any additional amounts to subscribers when they register in the offers, except for the designated financial amount that is normally calculated to provide their services.

– Publishing and licensing: The user has no right to use the copyright or any license related to the site. It is prohibited to use, modify, change or sell any of the contents of the Site or any of the services provided by Onen.com.

Copyright: All content on Alen.com is protected by copyright unless otherwise stated. No content will be allowed to be used unless otherwise specified in the Terms and Conditions, and is returned to ALLIN.com and is protected by law.

– Trademarks: Trademarks and logos displayed on our site